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Updated October 2023

Please note our email address has been changed to: modelrailsignals@gmail.com

Model Railroad Signal Systems has signal control systems and DCC auto reverse circuits for use with any scale of model railroading.

No matter what scale you model, a modular signal system will bring your layout or Free-mo module to life with realistic operating signals.

If DCC auto reverse is what you are looking for, click on the menu link above to access two types of DCC auto reverse boards.

The Free-mo section currently has 6 boards that are compatible with the Free-mo Modular Signal System (MSS) version 2 which was released in the fall of 2014.

    .: Signal Boards:

Installation instructions can be downloaded for each board for easy installation.

Click on a photo or link for more information about each board.

CSM-2 Crossover Signal Cascade Module

Designed for bi directional signalling at a crossover signal boundary.

(Free-mo Crossover Signalled Cascade)

Price for 1 CSM-2 board is $135..

Price includes 2 optical sensors.

FTM-1 Turnout Cascade Signal Router 1

Designed for turnouts where no signals are used but signal routing is desired.

(Free-mo Non-signalled Cascade)

Price for one FTM-1 board is $49.00 cdn.

FTM-4 Turnout Cascade Signal Router 2

Designed for turnouts where signals and signal routing is used.

(Free-mo Signalled Cascade)

Price for one FTM-4 board is $90.00 cdn.

Price includes the Optical Sensor.

FCM-1 Signal Cascade Module

Designed for bi directional signalling at a signal boundary.

(Free-mo Signalled Cascade)

Price for one FCM-1 board is $65.00 cdn.

Price includes the Optical Sensor.

FBM-2 Block Detection Module *** NEW ***

Designed to detect current for a block or section of track.

(Free-mo Block Detection Module)

Price for 1 FBM-2 board is $32.00 cdn.

FOM-1 Optical Detection Board

Designed to detect trains at a signal boundary where signals are not used.

(Free-mo Non-signalled Cascade)

Price for 1 FOM-1 board is $32.00 cdn.

Price includes the Optical Sensor.

    .: DCC Auto Reverse:

Two DCC auto reverse devices are available. Click on one of the links or photos shown below for more information about each board.

ARM-1 DCC Auto Reverse Module

A simple relay operated auto reverse board.

Price for 1 ARM-1 board is $35.00 cdn.

ARM-4 DCC Auto Reverse and Circuit Breaker

A solid state, fast switching, Auto Reverse Circuit with built in circuit protection.

Price for 1 ARM-4 board is $55.00 cdn.

    .: Grade Grossings:

A Grade crossing controller with or without servo motors.

Realistic operation with the use of four infrared sensors.

Read the product description to find out more.

GCC-1 Grade Crossing Controller

Price for 1 GCC-1 board, without servo motors is $55.00 cdn.
Price for 1 GCC-1 board, with two servo motors is $65.00 cdn.

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    .: What's New?
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FTM-4 Turnout Module

May 2023

The FTM-2 is being replaced by the new FTM-4 board. The operation of the circuit remains mainly the same as before with the exceptions of a few extra features. The new board has LED indicators for the optical sensor and turnout position. It also has an additional terminal to supply 5v to the FC-51 sensor. The main difference is most of the onboard components are now surface mounted which saves on assembly time.

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GCC-1 Grade Crossing Controller

October 2023

Now Availble... A grade crossing controller that operates like the prototype. This unit is being sold with or without servo motors for operating gates at a crossing.

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New Infrared Sensor

August 2022

The original IR sensor supplied with some of the boards have become difficult to source and their prices have increased significantly. An new IR sensor, the FC-51, is now being supplied. Installation instructions are posted on the webpages for the boards that require IR sensors.

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