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Free-mo Signal Modules


The three signal modules designed for Free-mo layouts remove the complication of wiring your signals by having all the components built onto the board. The Cascade Module, FCM-1, not only drives two signal heads but also has block detection for both the east and west blocks. An optical sensor is also included which provides a second layer of detection. The FTM-2 has the same features of a cascade module with the exception of block detection. The FTM-2 drives 4 signal heads at a junction or turnout and routes occupancy bus information in the direction the turnout is thrown giving your signals realistic operation. Both of these boards have RJ45 jacks which allow for simple connections to other modules. The CSM-2 is similar to the FTM-2 but is used to provide signalling and occupancy bus routing. The CSM-2 drives 8 signal heads at a crossover.

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